Stage 1: Pre-production
Pre-production is the first and most important stage of a project in which all of the specifics of a shoot are decided. Generally, it begins with a meeting in which the client lays out all of the information that he or she has: where the project will be seen, how long it will be, important points that should be hit, etc. Through question and answer, we discover what it is that the client wants and provide storyboards (artist's drawings of what the camera would see during a shoot) at a later meeting to present the client with different options. When the client is COMPLETELY satisfied with a concept, we cement the specifics: who, what, when, where and how the shoot will take place. Time spent in inexpensive pre-production will save time in more costly production and post-production.


Stage 2: Production
Production is when cameras actually roll. Shoot days are carefully planned out ahead of time to avoid wasting time. This is the fun part, when we get to make the vision come to life.


Stage 3: Post-production
This is usually the most time-consuming stage of the process. During this time, tape or film is edited, color is corrected, music is composed and cut into the project, special effects and titles are created and sound is sweetened. Depending on the format of the shoot and the medium of final delivery, files may be transferred and an "online" edit done


End result:
Your finished product. Take it and compare alongside of your storyboards. You should see an exact match.


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